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What Is Macon's Black Wallstreet?

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Macon Black Wallstreet was created to help promote black businesses and entrepreneurs by developing strength, building unity and growth within our community. Coming together from diverse walks of life as a collective in our community, strengthens our movement to become more knowledgeable in business and provides us more opportunities to grow.

Unity, is the key to making sure we all are afforded the same opportunities to be successful. By building a foundation that is stable and impenetrable. When Macon Black Wallstreet is successful in our endeavors we will grow to reach unimaginable heights, which will allow us to be proficient as a community.

The Three Pillars of Our Community For Success

Don't Get It Twisted This Is The Foundation...That EACH One of Us MUST Embody


Insourcing: the art of looking within ones organization, tribe, or community to meet the needs of the same. Insourcing does not mean to deny the world outside of the organization, tribe or community rather it suggests that one begins seeking fulfillment from within. “E raka Te Maui e raka Te katu” is a Maorian proverb that states, “a community can use all the skills of its people”. Macon Black Wallstreet is committed to promoting local entrepreneurs and encouraging the Macon community to strengthen its


Macon’s Black Wallstreet firmly believes that the values and beliefs that our ancestors held on education offers much to the success that we enjoy currently. We are committed to seeking out the educational opportunities to both acquire and distribute the knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, and systems that will continue to promote wealth and peace within the Macon community.

Group Economics

Through the implementation of group economics we can further increase the purchasing potential of each dollar by making bulk purchases. Group economics should also include the distribution of goods and services through unsourced agencies that would permit the infrastructural dollars that would ordinarily be outsourced to establish channels within the community to serve both within and without to regain dollars that have been previously lost. Group economics essentially increases our buying potential on an exponential level while allowing us to market to the community at large to gain a profit. Macon’s Black Wallstreet is committed to encouraging and facilitating Group Economics in the Macon community.

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Daughters Healing Daughters!

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MBW and House of  X-Art LLC, have come together to host the 1st of 4 annually gatherings that are inspired to  help women who are grieving over the loss of their mother’s.  We hope this group will allow women who unfortunately have this in common, to come together, bond  and hopefully find comfort in each […]

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