In Macon (Annual) Business Subscription (SPECIAL)

In Macon (Annual) Business Subscription (SPECIAL)

Macon's Black Wallstreet Annual Business Membership

For the First 100 Businesses, You Can Lock In a Special Price FOREVER of Just $99 per year ($100 SAVINGS) PLUS You'll Also Receive...

  • The Apps Loyalty Coupon FREE
    (FREE As Long As Your M.B.W. In Macon Annual Business Subscription Remains Active with NO Billing Breaks)

The In Macon (Annual) Business Subscription will add your business to Macon's Black Wallstreet app in the "In Macon" tab for app users to see and connect with your business from within Macon's Black Wallstreet Apps (iOS, Android & ProWebApp)

Your listing can include your;

  • Business Name
  • Name of Contact Person (if you work for a larger business)
  • Business Address (Street, City, St & Zip)
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Email Address
  • Business Website
  • Business Category
  • Business Type (Store Front, Store Front & Online or Online Only)
  • Business Promotional Video (i.e. YouTube/Vimeo)
  • Business Description (500 words max use
  • Business Thumbnail (200px x 200px)
  • Business Logo (325px x 100px)
  • Business Header Image (Mobile Size: 750px x 400px)
  • Business Header Image (Tablet Size: 1536px x 636px)

Please be prepared to complete your listing immediately after purchase.

$99.00 every 12 months until cancelled