Loyalty (Monthly) Subscription Package

Loyalty (Monthly) Subscription Package

Loyalty (Monthly) Subscription Package*

The Loyalty App Package will help to bring your customers back time after time, so with each visit they'll get closer to receiving a reward for being a loyal and frequent customer of your business. It's exactly like the "Old Punch Cards" ONLY it's;

  • Exclusively Within Macon's Black Wallstreet Apps
  • Eco-Friendly (no paper required)
  • Located In Customer's Mobile Phone (NEVER Leave Home Without It)
  • Cloud Based & Automatically Keeps Track of Punches
  • Mobile & Tablet Image Headers
  • Loyalty Coupon Description & Terms of Use
  • ONLY Business's Secret Code or QR Code Can Activate Add A Punch To The Customer Account
  • Additional Security Features Include;
    • GPS Location (within 1/4 Mile of Business Location)
    • Minimum Time Between App Punches (i.e. 6, 11 or 24 hours)
  • Time Zone Option For Businesses Outside of Primary Time Zone (Multiple Locations)
  • PUSH Notes Award Option (Reward App Users For Accepting PUSH Notifications With One (1) FREE Stamp) Improved Visibility
  • Option For Loyalty Coupon To Be Repeated
  • Monthly Subscription (Minimum of 90-Days [Until Cancellation with 30-Day Notice])


*In Macon Annual Subscription (MUST BE ACTIVE)

$39.99/month until cancelled